USS Pioneer

Wait Up

Posted on 07 Jul 2019 @ 09:35 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. & Lieutenant Commander Gaelle Megaira

Mission: Scylla and Charybdis
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1930

Gaelle didn't race to catch up to Ian—her stride was long enough to carry her to him before he reached his ready room. "Commander," she stated as she matched his pace, "we do need to outline a strategy for what comes next. If we find nothing, if we find an anomaly..." She was hit with a wave of fatigue that nearly outmatched her migraine, but she pushed through. "I want us to have a few contingencies in our back pockets."

"I agree but it seems that the Senior Staff didn't," Ian said, without stopping. He entered the office and then waited just inside so she could enter and the doors could close. Once they were out of earshot of the bridge crew his face still calm and neutral he added, "it also seemed like you thought a discussion was a waste of time as well, didn't you?"

"With Comrade and Creepy derailing the discussion at every chance? Absolutely."

"So instead of speaking up to them you decide to just make my efforts to make a plan look like a joke?" he asked, hardly agreeing with her feelings. "Sit down, Commander," he said, moving to his desk.

She did as she was told, without saying anything else.

"I promise you that if this ever happens again, the performance evaluations for the senior staff won't get them a cup of coffee from the replicators, understood?" he asked, as he took his seat.

With a tight nod, Gaelle replied, "Understood."

"You were present for the project that Lieutenant Petrov has carried out. What can you tell me that will be useful for making a plan of approach? I have a feeling he's dumbing the instructions down some for me."

"Ah, yes..." Gaelle almost smiled. "Petrov does consider us ants. His concept is simple, though, and the reasoning is sound. We just need to keep on top of the predicted time buffer from Engineering, since that will affect when we switch from the primary array to the secondary. However, I believe we should make that switch shortly before arrival, rather than when we get there." She twisted her fingers as she considered the several possibilities that awaited within the nebula. "I'm concerned about any activity from the primary array triggering action against us."

"I agree," Ian responded. "We need to keep the safety of this ship paramount regardless of the state of the missing vessel. Reduce another half warp factor and let's make sure we have everything together before we get too close. It's too risky to not make sure we have all of our ducks in a row."

"Indeed." The pause that followed hung heavy for a long moment, then Gaelle asked, "What happens if we're taken, too?"

"Taken?" he asked.

She clarified: "Whatever happened to the science vessel—what if it happens to Pioneer?"

"Well, at least we have the knowledge that something could be wrong as we enter the area. I really don't know," he said, honestly.

"All right, well, it's something we can consider over the next few hours," Gaelle replied. "But we'll have an abundance of caution on our side."

"As we should," he agreed. "Get the pulse of the various departments and their thoughts and we will meet again in a few hours to discuss. Did you have anything else?"

"Not at this time. I'll check in with you at..." Her eyes flicked over to a clock on Ian's desk. Quaint. "20:30?"

"Sounds good," Ian said.