USS Pioneer
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Status Update

Posted on 30 May 2019 @ 09:54 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. & Ensign Kendra Kyle & Lieutenant Commander Gaelle Megaira & Lieutenant Ceciri Ariadust & Lieutenant Finley Chu & Lieutenant Glori Hawthorn & Lieutenant Alexi Petrov PhD & Lieutenant Ezrik Kaz PsyD & Command Master Chief Gelid Anor & Lieutenant Junior Grade Nandi Reeves

Mission: Scylla and Charybdis
Location: Deck 1, Conference Room
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1900

Ian stood before the assembled officers and senior staff looking around to all of them as they sat and he stood at the head of the table. The last couple of days had been very trying for most of the crew as well as himself. He couldn't help but pick up on something troubling his Executive Officer though he couldn't quite place what wasn't right. His gaze came to as he looked at the Chief Medical Officer just for a moment before he continued to look around the table to see who sat where. He took a mental inventory of those who joined the table beside the normal Senior Staff. The Intelligence Specialist, his wife, the Counselor, and the Assistant Chief Engineer seemed to have tagged along with her boss.

"Welcome everyone," he said. "I know the seats around the table are a bit tighter than normal but I know that everyone here has something to bring to the table as we plan on arriving at our destination early tomorrow morning. Unless our status in Engineering has changed," Ian said, looking to Ariadust and her Assistant Chief to provide a report on Engineering activities.

"Currently, we're running slightly above schedule, and we should be ready to go," Ceciri spoke up. She was a bit calmer now that she didn't have to balance an impossibly long schedule demand for people.

"Do you have an updated estimate on time? If we can adjust our speed to arrive sooner that would be preferable," Ian responded.

"Ah yes. Time is relative. Is funny 'ha-ha' science joke," Alexi said, standing up from his chair at the table, and looking along its length to Ian at the head. "What is perhaps of less comedic value, is time not being spent on necessary tasks? I try to send melkaya soshka but am told must be head of department? Is hard to do work when there is need for showing of boat."

Ceciri blinks at the science officer, but keeps quiet. "We can arrive a half hour earlier, right?" She turns to confirm with Finley. "I don't think there's anything that can eat into that margin."

"The systems should hold." Fin agreed. "Wouldn't try to go much faster than that though."

"We've already seen what happens when the crew pushes the systems beyond their limitations," Glori said, lips pursed in sassy dissatisfaction. "As much as I love the company in Sickbay, I must insist we do whatever we can to avoid preventable accidents and injuries. That nebula won't be going anywhere."

"But we are heading towards it. And instead of making use of time to work, we sit in meeting to....what? Share red bean roll recipes?" Alexi said, dredging up a pass time from his flour soaked youth as a boy. "Perhaps time is on our side, I am sure Science Vessel that is missing can surely wait for us."

Ezrik fiddled with his PADD as he wondered why he had come to the meeting. Surely he would be better used meeting with his patients.

Gaelle, meanwhile, observed the conversation in silence. At this point, she was positive that she was thrust into the midst of some obscene cosmic joke. This is my life now? She frowned.

Noting Ezrik's discomfort, Glori turned to him and asked, "Counselor, perhaps you can explain to the science officer how dying from recklessness can put a damper on a rescue mission?"

"Perhaps snippy comment could be directed at Doctor Petrov instead of being deflected to melkaya soshka," Alexi said, turning his gaze upon Glori. "I have important work to do. Work cannot be done if in meeting debating with Chief of Nurses. If nebula has need of prophylactic, will discuss opinion with you. But given statistical probability nebula will be scientific endeavour, will choose not to."

Glori ran her tongue over her upper row of teeth and bit down. "We're discussing our rate of travel and the hazards thereof. If you can't be bothered with that, then allow me to show you the exit." She extended a long, black-tipped finger toward the door. "I'm sure there's another bomb with your name on it just waiting to be tinkered with. In fact," she turned back to Ian, "can we discuss that, Captain? Should I prepare Sickbay for science officers injured in the line of duty?"

"Enough," Ian said, speaking up finally. "First off, let's remember our places. Secondly, to clarify, I am not looking to rush the engineering department but if the repairs are moving quicker than we expected then I do want to increase speed. We have the potential to need to conduct a rescue operation even though it is thought to be unlikely. As for the bomb issue, Lieutenant," Ian said, pausing and looking at the doctor. "There are precautions in place it is being monitored by the people who experts in the weapons and it will be used to assist us in completing our mission. As for sickbay's readiness I would hope that it is always prepared for casualties."

"Onboard antimatter explosive ordnance is usually a bit messier," Glori quipped. "Triage rules tend to go out the window without sufficient notice."

"If you are finding job difficult EMH is only voice command away," Petrov growled.

"I'll note the preference in your medical file, puddin'." Glori smirked at the rustled science officer. "Should fit nicely with your apparent fondness for Russian Roulette."

"Lieutenant Petrov how is the progress on our sensor coming?" Ian asked, turning his attention to Alexi.

"Secondary sensor array has been disconnected from primary computer network. If source of signal was cause for science ship going missing, we will have air gapped buffer system in place. Will need to take primary sensors off line and rely on verbal readings for course and heading when in nebula," Alexi stated. "Have also finished first flare. Will provide active return pulse within 1 AU of detonation. Also have probes ready to be launched to sniff out trace elements of science vessel if it has been destroyed."

Glori wiggled the fingers of her raised hand. "What about the local assets that were said to be nearby? Have we turned up any sign of them yet?"

“Not as of yet but we are still almost twelve hours away. And there is not enough concrete data on how effective sensors may be in breaking through the Nebula,” Ian said. “Na- Lieutenant Reeves, any insight?”

Meanwhile Fin had mentally checked out of the meeting. She had pulled up some schematics of her quarters, specifically the bathroom. It had come with a sonic shower, but she was looking at how she could replace it with a water-based shower. Ceciri, on the other hand, was keeping her amusement out of her face and voice while she was scanning the reports from her department to confirm they didn't have any issue.

"Lieutenant Petrov's methods, while unorthodox, may prove to be effective," Nandi said in diplomatic reply to Ian's question. "As it stands, there is no telling what we will find in the heart of the nebula. That mystery is likely what drew the civilian researchers so deep despite the otherwise academic disinterest."

Sighing audibly, Ezrik twiddled his thumbs.

"It seems we're all caught up and have plenty of time before we reach the nebula," Gaelle stated, speaking for the first time. "The flares are ready, I've overseen the weapons modifications, science will finish their adjustments to the sensors, and engineering needs to get back to work so we don't lose that extra half hour they've given us." She looked around the table with narrowed eyes and her nails clicked atop the glass surface. "I recommend we adjourn and let them get to it. Command and tactical should discuss strategy for what happens after we learn lurks inside Scylla."

Ian gave a glance of disapproval to the executive officer before turning to the science officer, "before we adjourn. When will be the optimal time to deploy the sensor so we can make sure all appropriate personnel are in place?" he asked.

"According to telemetry from science vessel, there was no action taken against them until they initiated a full active scanning regime. Once we arrive in nebula, we can disable the primary array and use the air-gapped secondary. Timing is all." Alexi stated after a moments thought.

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Ian said, deciding he'd just go to yellow alert as they reached the edge and hope for the best. "I hope that the next time the senior staff meets that we will remember that we are senior officers. Dismissed," Ian said, rising from his chair and moving from the room expeditiously.

The opening of the door drew Fin out of her distracted planning. She looked at Ceciri beside her. "Are we done?" she asked in a quiet voice.

Ceciri nods, raising her eyebrows at the byplay, but keeping silence. "Yeah, let's get back to engineering. This could be.. hectic when we arrive."


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