USS Pioneer
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The Creep and the Procrastinator

Posted on 21 Apr 2019 @ 09:24 by Ensign Kendra Kyle & Lieutenant Glori Hawthorn

Mission: Scylla and Charybdis
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1030

Ensign Kendra Kyle sat on the biobed her uniform jacket removed and lying on the bed beside her she looked around anxiously. She hated seeing the doctor it was the most dreaded fear of most pilots being disqualified to fly or put on desk duty. Though she didn't have near the stringent requirements she did back in flight school she remembered the horror of telling the one flight surgeon she'd taken some over the counter medicine for a headache and was grounded for a full day.

A corpsman was fetching the doctor after asking her some standard questions, taking her vitals, and going through the administrative nonsense before giving her off to the medical officer. When the woman who came from an office began to approach the biobed she was sitting on she couldn't help but notice, especially as she got closer, that something was not normal about her. She stared at her intently as she came close.

"Well, hello, my sweet," Glori said, her hips swaying beneath her swishing white coat as she hurried to Kendra's side. "I suppose you're here for me to get a look at you." Her black eyes swept Kendra up and down before assessing her file. "Oh, yes. Very popular with the boys, I presume. And it says here you're a pilot! Nothing like a vixen in the boy's club, am I right?" Glori tossed the PADD in the air without a care for where it landed. "Now, do you have any chronic or congenital conditions that I need to be aware of? Secrets are safe between us girls."

Kendra couldn't help but stare at the woman even more now it took her a moment before she began to respond. "I was a pilot and now I'm a helmsman," she told her. "And yes, I'm popular," she said, with a smirk appearing on her face. "I do have a question first..."

"You can ask me anything, angel." Glori smiled a closed-mouth grin that was wide enough to force a squint.

“Not to come off... offensive. But what species are you?”

Glori chuckled melodically. "Homo sapiens corvan. I'm human, just not quite like you. Have you never met a Corvan before?"

“No,” she said, shaking her head for emphasis. “What does that mean? Is that why your eyes are weird?”

"Nothing in this universe is 'weird', my dear. Only different." Glori put her hands on her knees and bent closer to Kendra's face. "I am pale of flesh and dark of extremities due to a lifetime of reverse dialysis. Generations ago, my world was not so civilized, having fallen prey to darker impulses. Savage ones, even. This..." She flexed her arm to one side and spread her fingers to analyze at her blackened fingernails. "... is the price of civilization." Looking back to Kendra, she said in a cooing voice, "Trust me when I say, my dear, that you would not want to meet a Corvan with your same complexion."

The woman gave Kendra the chills but she maintained her composure, "what is reverse dialysis?" she asked, curiously.

"Put simply," Glori purred, "instead it taking something out of my bloodstream, it puts something into it. Just think of it as... medically and psychologically mandated catnip. You do like cats, don't you? All girls like cats."

"They're okay," Kendra said, with a shrug. "Anyway some Chief Corpsman reached out to me and threatened to take me off the duty roster if I didn't come to get a physical... so here I am. Ma'am."

Glori smiled. "Very well. Let's do this." She stretched a white glove over hand. It snapped her wrist like a pounding gavel.

“There’s nothing wrong with me,” Kendra said, matter of factly. “You don’t go through flight school without getting poked and prodded constantly.”

"Oh, this?" Glori waved the hand with the white glove on it. "This is just for sanitation. I would never insert my hand anywhere it wasn't invited." She gave a half wink and snapped another white glove onto her other hand. Taking up her medical tricorder, she said, "Now let's take a look at you. Vitals are good, nutrition levels are good, no intestinal parasites or bloodborne pathogens, hormones are spiked but that's normal for a girl your age."

Glori set the tricorder down. "I agree. You're fit as a fiddle. Now that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"No, I guess not," Kendra said, feeling a bit childish for not wanting to go to the doctor. "Did they ever find that scanning people too often was harmful?"

"Only when coupled with too much complaining," Glori said, chomping her teeth for effect. "Now is there anything else I can help you with?"

Kenda just shook her head no, "thanks.." she said, scooting off the biobed and making a quick exit.


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