USS Pioneer
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Trouble in Charge

Posted on 16 Apr 2019 @ 11:24 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. & Ensign Kendra Kyle & Lieutenant Commander Gaelle Megaira

Mission: Scylla and Charybdis
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1145

Fifteen minutes prior to the start of the afternoon watch, Ensign Kendra Kyle entered the bridge and moved to the center rear. She was not surprised to see the Executive Officer already present and waiting for her. They were at 12:00 going to relieve the morning watch with LCDR Megaira serving as Officer of the Deck and ENS Kyle as Junior Officer of the Deck. Serving as JOOD basically meant that you had to be supervised when in command and she hoped to be through the process as quickly as possible. To be honest Kendra was surprised that she'd be given the opportunity to qualify as Officer of the Deck a surprise but it was a requirement as a department head to do it.

"Good morning, Commander," Kendra said, doing her best mock enthusiasm. "Anything you want to go over before we relieve the watch?" Kendra had been serving as JOOD under the XO since leaving Starbase 72 yesterday and had qualified under her tutelage as Duty Officer for in-port watch. She was hoping that this would go as smoothly as her DO training went.

Without looking up, Gaelle glanced at the time—indeed, it was still morning. The longest morning. "Good" was another matter altogether. "No," she answered, continuing to proof the approval of release for Lt. Petrov's torpedo. "We're maintaining course at reduced speed."

"I'll get the report from the off-going officer of the deck, if that's okay, ma'am," Kendra said, hoping to be given the bridge today.

"Go for it," Gaelle murmured, eyes still glued to her PADD. Just as Kendra was about to step away, a notice came through from tactical regarding torpedo delivery. She sighed audibly. "Kyle, hold up. I need to go handle something. You'll have to take over at noon."

“Ma’am, I’m not qualified for that,” she said, sounding concerned. It was her second day on the bridge and she had not even given a single order.

“I think the Captain will be fine with it,” Ian said, as he approached the two catching the conversation. He’d known that the XO had a matter to attend to and decided that he’d get in some time on the bridge himself.

“You wouldn’t mind being in charge while I watch?” Ian asked the young Ensign.

Kendra suddenly felt nervous and looked up at the XO. She looked back at the Captain, “If the XO doesn’t mind, sir.”

Ian nodded. She was her student. “XO?”

If it came down to holding an ensign's hand through the stellar doldrums or making sure Alexi Petrov didn't blow up the Pioneer... Gaelle visibly shuddered. "Unless Commander Reeves would prefer to oversee torpedo modifications in my stead..."

“No, I’d rather have someone to blame the damage on,” Ian smirked.

Or someone to hide the CSO's body, Gaelle silently mused while a sly smile played across her lips.

Torpedo? Kendra thought. What the hell were they doing with a torpedo? The young girl looked between her two senior officers.

"Then I'll take my leave—for now," the XO told them. "Ensign Kyle, keep her steady. And if the science deck is a-rockin'..." She arched a brow for effect. ""

What the hell? Kendra thought, staring at the XO like she was crazy.

"If there's any part of you left I'll be sure that you get to do all the paperwork," Ian said. "Ensign relieve the watch," he ordered.


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