USS Pioneer
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Dad Pays a Visit

Posted on 11 Apr 2019 @ 08:24 by Lieutenant Glori Hawthorn & Commander Ian Reeves D.Env.

Mission: Scylla and Charybdis
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1830

"Lieutenant hawthorn?" Ian said as he entered the sickbay to the nearest person wearing teal.

"Hold on one moment, sir," the Corpsman replied, before heading to the closed-off exam room where the injured crewman was.

Ian stood there looking around at the sickbay it was small as far as ships he'd served on before. There were only two medical officers billeted to the ship currently there was only one aboard. The rest of the medical staff was made up of corpsman and a non-rate or two to take care of the administrative and logistical needs.

"Hellllllo," Glori purred from right behind Ian. She was close enough for her breath to condensate on the back of his neck. "You wanted me, Captain?" Her black eyes were unreadable, but her perpetually pursed lips teased a veiled innuendo.

He took a step forward and turned toward her. The hair on the back of his neck standing, his skin crawled, "yes I did. What is the status of our injured crew member?"

Glori whisked past Ian toward an enclosed trauma bay. "Chief Sally Peyton suffered multiple third-degree plasma burns, as you could see if I removed her privacy screen. Her dermal regeneration regimen has been augmented with skin graft therapy to allow for swifter healing, though not swift enough for aesthetically damaging scars." She winked at Ian. "Wouldn't do to mar that pretty face, am I right, Captain? Anyhow, my prognosis is that she'll be fit for duty again in a couple days."

"I don't want to rush anything make sure she has a day or two to herself once she's released back to her quarters," Ian said, staring at the face of his injured crew member. "Do you have any concerns for her psychological well-being or duty fitness after she recovers physically?" he asked.

Glori shook her head. "No, Captain. She was knocked unconscious by the initial blast, and I've kept her sedated ever since. When she wakes up, she won't even know what happened save for the incident reports." She smirked and crossed her fingers. "Fingers crossed, of course."

"Good," Ian said, with a smile. "Thank you, Doctor. Please let me know when she is awake and up to some company."


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