USS Pioneer
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Shields or Speed

Posted on 11 Apr 2019 @ 10:41 by Lieutenant Commander Gaelle Megaira & Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. & Lieutenant Ceciri Ariadust & Lieutenant Glori Hawthorn & Command Master Chief Gelid Anor

Mission: Scylla and Charybdis
Location: Conference Room, Deck 1
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 0730

"I apologize for the delay," Ian said, entering the conference room last. "Please keep your seats," he added as he walked to the head of the table and took his seat. "What is the situation with the shield repairs, Lieutenant Ariadust?" he asked.

Gelid was already halfway out of his chair by the time Ian ordered them to remain seated. He cleared his throat and sat back down.

Ceciri also barely avoided rising and sitting back down - she was newly free from her sleep. "Good news is, we think we found the cause of the delay. It was an interaction between the new experimental cyclic shield barriers meant to provide resilience and the normal shield system that required some tuning. Bad news is, we've had to kick out our estimation by four hours, even if I didn't have to worry about total exhaustion when we arrived."

"We can't have the engineering and operations departments working beyond their capabilities. We need to keep the crew and the ship safe, we've already had one injury," Ian said, frankly.

"Poor, beautiful Chief Peyton will be good as new, don't you worry," Glori said. "I would prefer not having to reconstruct anyone's face, though."

Gelid raised his eyebrow at Glori, but shifted to Ian and nodded. "We can sustain this level of work, but I advise against it. We may need to consider delaying our arrival."

Ian shot a glance to his Executive Officer, who knew exactly how he felt about the Chief Medical Officer. It obviously would have been her who had invited the CMO to even sit in on this command meeting. Turning back to his Command Master Chief he nodded.

"I agree with Master Chief we should delay our arrival I can have the Officer of the Deck slow the ship to delay us by about eight hours and give us a little cushion. Unless you think a full safety stand down is in order?" he asked, glancing between the senior staff present.

The circles under Gaelle's eyes were darker than usual, and she nursed yet another large mug of coffee. She barely remembered getting from the science labs to here, and there were three hours to account for in between. "We can reassess in six hours," she piped up. "Shields are no use without a functional crew."

Gelid was in agreement with Gaelle. "I appreciate that time is of the essence, so I think a full stand down is unwarranted. The briefing from the brass mentioned 'private security assets' in the area. Who might they be and might we perhaps reach out to them while en route to the nebula? If we had backup, the gamble of showing up without fully operational shields would be reduced."

"I haven't looked into these private assets as of yet but that is something that we should look into doing," Ian said, kicking himself for not thinking of that. "I want to make sure that we are sticking to shifts within Engineering and crossing over appropriately trained Operations personnel to make sure nobody is overworked and we have another injury we could have prevented," he said, looking directly at Ariadust.

Ceciri nodded. "I can just cancel the double shifts i've scheduled for today. No one's going to complain. We've been taking advantage of what we can in the Operations personnel already, but if we're going to slow down, I can tell my people that they'll be off as per normal."

"Will six hours still be a sufficient window with the reduction in speed?" Ian asked.

Ceciri considered. "I would like to reconsider in 5 and a half, but we should be fine, assuming we didn't miss anything else. And I think I've rechecked the grid three times, so I hope I didn't."

"Very well, give me a status update in four hours and we'll go from there," Ian responded. "Doctor, how is the Chief doing?"

"I expect her to make a full recovery. Also, I was going to keep her for observation just so she can get some rest, but if double shifts are being canceled, then I may release her sooner." Glori smiled at Ian and Ceciri in turn. "Either way, I'm ordering rest."

"I would suggest placing her sick in quarters for at least a day or two. There is no reason to rush her back to work," Ian pointed out.

"I'll prescribe her some recreational triptacederine." Glori winked at Ian.

"XO, Master Chief, do you have anything before we get back to work?" Ian asked, looking to both.

"Negative, sir." Gelid did his best to ignore the discomforting doctor in the room.

"Yes, actually," Gaelle said, leaning slightly forward to catch Ian's eye. He was both familiar and unfamiliar to her. It was unnerving. "Our CSO has a proposal to modify a photon torpedo to illuminate the nebula. The theory is that it will help the sensors give a clear picture of what's hidden in there."

"Boys and their toys," Glori said silkily, then chuckled and shook her head.

"Go for it," Ian responded, with a nod. "Make sure that yourself or a member of the fire control division are with him at all times as a safety officer."

Returning his nod, Gaelle deadpanned, "He'll love that."

"Anything else?" Ian asked. He looked around quickly, skipping eye contact with the doctor, wanting to make sure she'd have no chance in saying anything else inappropriate. "Good, back to work," Ian said, standing.


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