USS Pioneer
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This Is Not My Beautiful Ship

Posted on 04 Apr 2019 @ 02:06 by Lieutenant Commander Gaelle Megaira

Mission: Scylla and Charybdis
Location: LCDR Megaira's Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 0313

Gaelle bolted upright, gasping for air. Her legs were tangled in sheets that were kicked half off her bed, and a cold sweat left its sheen across her skin.

This all felt wrong.

Disoriented, she stood and shuffled to the washroom. Its lights turned on automatically and she flinched, startled by her own reflection. She pressed her fingers to her face as she stared back into the mirror, pushing the skin across her cheekbones and temples. Is this my face? She felt detached from this body, as if she was observing from the outside—living in someone else's skin, looking into someone else's reflection. And where am I?

Her eyes darted around as she walked through the quarters, legs becoming steadier with each step. Pioneer... Gaelle stopped in front of a porthole and watched streaks of starlight pass by. Carefully, her fingers brushed the back of her head, which throbbed. "Scylla Nebula..." she finally grumbled.

The pain in her head snaked its way through her cranium, then settled into an uncomfortable pressure behind her left eye. "Computer, cancel morning alarm; lights, quarter illumination," Gaelle ordered, yanking open her bedside drawer. She pulled out a hypospray, which she swiftly administered then dropped back into its spot.

Squinting in the dim light, Gaelle pieced together more fragments. She was reluctant to take this to Sickbay—something about the medical deck made her shiver. Instead, she opted to sit upright on her sofa, with her knees pulled tightly to her chest and a blanket wrapped around her.

No... this felt all wrong.


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