USS Pioneer
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A forced meeting

Posted on 20 Feb 2019 @ 06:20 by Lieutenant Commander Charles Stephens Jr. & Lieutenant Glori Hawthorn

Mission: Prologue
Location: USS Pioneer-Medbay
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

Charles was walking with a purpose. He didn't know why he was seeing acquisition forms and operations orders for rearranging the Medical Bay but the CMO had not checked in yet so who was behind all this. As he made his way to the door he opened it and stood in the entry way watching nurses and Ops crew moving beds and equipment. "Ummm, Excuse me everyone on whose authority is all this work being done on?"

Out from the CMO's office rushed a tall, pale figure with black hair and eyes who looked as much vulture as human.

"Oh my, you are a specimen." She clenched Charles' cheeks with her ebony fingernails and turned his face from side to side like a livestock inspection. "Very strong features to match that booming voice. You clearly come from good breeding."

Charles swatted away at this.....thing that was invading his personal space. "What in the sam hell is going on down here? We have a ship to launch and we had renovations going on down here and I have yet to have the Chief Medical Officer check in yet. So stop touching me explain who you are and what is happening here!"

"Calm your thrusters or I'll have to sedate you," Glori said with a wink. "Or maybe just 'date'. If you're looking for the CMO, then I am pleased as punch to say you've found her." Glori kissed the air near his cheek. "And aren't you just a doll for noticing how I've spruced up the droll medbay."

The walls were adorned with Gothic art and dark shades of gray. Artisan candy skulls dotted everything from the privacy curtains, also painted black, to the supply stations. Even the crash cart in the corner sported a broken heart decal on the defibrillation unit.

"Don't you love what I've done with the place?" Glori spun in a circle with hands outstretched, like a child in a field of wild flowers. "I'll be a foxy frog if the shipbuilders have any eye for interior decorating whatsoever."

Charles had been and seen much in his life, but he stood there stunned. "You are not authorized to sedate me. Everyone will stop what they are doing right now." He started to turn to leave. "You are not the CMO of this ship until you have properly checked in." He said stopping at the door. There was a stunned look on all the crew's face. "I will be in my office when you're ready to assume the role of a Starfleet Officer."

Glori gasped in deep umbrage that was almost probably sincere. "Sedation would only be for your own good, Starfleet officer or not. I did swear an oath, after all, part of which says 'I will remember that there is art to medicine as well as science.'"

Turning to the work crew from Operations, she whispered, "Don't you go anywhere. We'll get this cleared up in a hot minute."

With that settled, she set off after Charles. Toe-walking with her hands aflutter, Glori tapped him on the shoulder and said, "Now just you wait, Mister...?" In fact, Charles had neglected to identify himself. "How am I supposed to find your office when you don't even give a lady the favor of your name first? Doesn't seem very gentlemanly if I may so."

It had been a very long time since Charles had lost his cool on a subordinate and he was trying hard to keep that true. At her trite remark Charles froze mid pace and turned to meet the ball of sass that was following him. "Lieutenant Commander Stephens, the ships XO and your direct supervisor." He said with a fake grin. "You know the one that protocol dictates you check in with when coming to a new assignment. And one of the people you need to discuss any plans to reinvent any area of this ship. BEFORE you start!!!" He put his hands behind his back as he awaited her rebuttal.

Glori fluttered her eyelashes, thick as tarantula legs, and grinned mischievously. "Oh dearest me, you are certainly right. I will just put your name at the top of my list of ship contacts to ensure this never happens again." She palmed a finger-sized camera from her pocket and took a snap of Charles' face. "Yes, I think that will come out very nice. Right next to my pictures of home on my desk, that's where I'll keep it." Shoving it back into her pocket, she continued without missing a step.

"So, since we have so much to discuss, Lieutenant, perhaps we should do it over dinner. My treat, though not my place, I'm sorry to disappoint. I am a lady, after all, so your irresistible charm will just have to wait for the requisite dinner and wine before you may get to my petticoat." She smiled at him again as if it were already agreed. Her hand graced his cheek once more, though her eyes and smile might have been appraising a slab of meat. "You are a man of protocols, so surely you agree. Now, will tonight work for you, or shall we schedule it for after departure?"

"Maybe after launch we can find sometime to discuss your disregard for protocols." He said with a gruff tone.

"Oh, you're a hungry boy, are you?" Glori pursed her lips for effect. "I find myself athirst quite often. Lunch it is, darling. I'll just tidy up here first, and then we can join up later."

What?!?! "I said after Launch not Lunch." Charles made sure to over enunciate. "You need to report into the CO first and foremost. He is gonna wanna meet you before we leave."

Glori popped her hip to one side and anchored her hand to it, elbow out to accent the rest of her curves. "Playing hard to get? Please me, Commander, don't tease me." She gave him one last look-over and sniffed in mock offense at his rejection. "Fine, then. Maybe the captain will be more playful. You may go now." At that, she returned to her office.

Charles just watched in shock and horror as she turned and left him. He wasn't sure what had just happened. "Computer, send the CMO a verbal reminder to meet with the CO on five minute intervals. Authorization Stephens-Echo-Charlie-3." He finished with a grin and turned to continue on.



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