USS Pioneer
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Posted on 21 Feb 2019 @ 06:36 by Lieutenant Commander Charles Stephens Jr. & Lieutenant Ceciri Ariadust

Mission: Prologue
Location: XO's Office
Timeline: 4 JUN 2389, 17:02

Ceciri sighed, sorting out her PADDs before leaving Main Engineering in the hands of the assistant chief. She couldn't argue too heavily with starbase's priorities, although there's one she really did disagree with - and that was the rebuild of the shield system. She thought it was a good idea, they didn't.

'To be fair, it's a lot of work for what could be a marginal gain of stability.' Ceciri thought, rather against her will as she navigated the corridors. 'To be fair to me, though, I think I'll want that stability given our remit.'

Still, sometimes you needed to approach someone else about it, so she decided to talk to the XO. It was possible that the Starbase was right and she was wrong, and even if she was right, she'd need someone else's backing to get them to add it to the schedule. So..she exited the turbolift, and after some time, knocked on the XO's door. Well, pressed the chime. Same thing.

Charles was knee deep in personnel files and acquisition requests. He was almost glad that someone had come to the door to break up his day. "Come in." He said as he stood from the desk to greet whoever was coming through the door.

"Commander." Ceciri saluted as she entered. "I've been meaning to find time to talk to you about the repairs." Ceciri had met the XO on the shakedown cruise, and since she was busy keeping the ship working just fine on a skeleton crew, she hadn't really.. been able to socialize. Too tired.

"What's up." He said pretty sure he wasn't going to like the answer, but was genuinely concerns how bad it was.

"Well, the majority of them will be done on time and correctly. There's one I disagree with, and that's their decision to just replace the elements of the shielding systems that had some burnout. I think we should rebuild the entire system so that we can make sure there aren't other bits laying in there, but it would add another two or three days to our time in base, and I think they think it's not much of a gain. So I thought I'd take it to you to make sure I'm not just asking for too much." Ceciri said, presenting him a PADD with the two plans, the data onboard (and their argument against, since they had sent it to her.)

Charles quickly skimmed over the two plans looking for words he knew. "Question for you. If we went your route and gutted the shielding system. Is it possible that we can launch on time and have your team finish the remaining part of the install after we have left?" Charles wanted to test her resolve to the new install.

Ceciri paused, clearly thinking it over as her cat like eyes slanted a bit. "I mean, we could. We'd be a little vulnerable for the first few hours of travel, though, and I'd really like to make sure we have minimum shields up before we left the station, if not done altogether, but if I push everyone to doubleshifts including myself, we could get the system rebuilt ourselves and still leave on our scheduled time. Although, if we go this route, I would strongly recommend delaying three hours so we can be sure we get the most dangerous bits done before we leave and have a minimal shield system up."

"Three hours is much easier for me to convince the boss. Also utilize any Ops crew to help your staff get this done." Charles said with his grin. "Thank you for bringing me your concern."

"Thank you for listening, sir." Ceciri pauses, a pensive look on her face."I'll start drawing up a schedule to go the second I get the go from you and the Commander. Do you want me to go back to the base and argue this plan with them?"

"No, your job is the wellbeing of the ship fighting with coordinated logistics is mine. I will make the calls needed. As soon as your plans are drawn up send them to me for signature." Charles said reassuring that the base wont fight them.

"Got it. I'll have the plans within the hour." Ceciri saluted. "With your permission, sir, I'm going to go work on them now."

"Very good." Charles said pleased with the meeting. "Keep me posted if anything comes up."


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