USS Pioneer


Scylla and Charybdis

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The primordial stellar mass called Charybdis-A, at the center of the Scylla Nebula has been pretty quiet and uneventful ever since it was charted over a century ago. A Starfleet science vessel has studied a recent spike in the stellar mass’ EM-radio emittance which has yielded an intricate pattern, not unlike a language. The monitoring science vessel has ceased contact. The USS Pioneer is dispatched to locate the missing vessel and ascertain what’s going on inside the Scylla Nebula.

Mission 2 (Name TBD)

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The Pioneer is dispatched to a planet (name TBD) where they were attempting to develop alternative power sources to replace antimatter propulsion and power generation systems. Unfortunately, a catastrophic failure leads to the release of chemicals and gas into the planet's atmosphere and the Pathfinder must study the effects of the release and manage the disaster as it unfolds.


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The USS Pioneer is assigned to Task Force 72 of the Fourth Fleet and heads to Starbase 72 before beginning operations within the TF72 area of operations. The USS Pioneer is the second Pathfinder Class ship and its first crew is still reporting aboard at their new homeport.