USS Pioneer

The Sim

The officers and crew of the USS Pioneer would like to invite you to learn more about our ship by visiting the menu items to the left of the screen. Below you will find our ship's Command Philosophy.

Command Philosophy


The USS Pioneer is tasked with exploration, scientific research, and management of incidents involving hazardous materials. In addition to the designed mission platforms for the Pathfinder class the Pioneer shall always stand ready to safeguard the United Federation of Planets and its citizens at a moment’s notice.

Guiding Principles

The following principles have been chosen to guide the crew in their day aboard the Pioneer. These principles cannot be weighed against each other in any particular way so we've gone with alphabetical:

Communication – Communication is the key to success within any team. All members of the crew should keep an open door policy up and down the chain of command. Proper and concise communication can mean the difference between life and death or success and failure.

Diligence – Persistence and care in all of your assigned duties and tasks leading to the overall success of the individual and the crew.

Education – Knowledge and education is the key to opening new opportunities to succeed. Knowledge gained formally or informally can change the path of the ship from harm to safety, from failure to success.

Esprit de Corps – Be proud of yourself, be proud of your crew, be proud of your ship. Use this pride to motivate others.

Initiative – Do things. Take the initiative to follow our core principals. If you see a problem enact or bring forward a solution. Do what you can to help your crew without needing to be told.

Commitment to the Crew

The Command Team vows to uphold our commitment to ensuring the success of each and every member of this crew. Success aboard Pioneer includes success in our mission, success in the safety of our home and crew, and success in the personal and professional lives of all who serve aboard.