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Lieutenant Ezrik Kaz

Name Ezrik Jobari Kaz PsyD

Position Medical Officer (Psychiatry)

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6’2”
Weight 198LBS
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Ezrik is a tall, handsome Trill man. He carries himself with confidence.

He has a well defined physique, owed to years of strict training in martial arts and yoga.

Like all Trill, Ezrik has spots running down the length of his body. All the way down.


Father Getivi Jobari
Mother Shexxi Jobari
Sister(s) Medrana

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ezrik is carefree, and easy going. He is very open and can be outspoken. He is actively trying to grow and learn from all experiences he has taken on since joining as well as the experiences he has in his day to day life.
Ambitions Ezrik hopes to forge a path different than any the Kaz Symbiont has experienced . He wants to try new things, but also use his own experience and that of Kaz to serve the Federation and better those around him.
Hobbies & Interests Ezrik has a keen interest in exotic alcohols.

Aside from that he also enjoys alien literature, specifically Cardassian continuing epics.

Personal History Born in the Intaz City on Trill , Ezrik is the second born after his sister Medrana. He was raised in a traditional Trill manner, with a focus on self discovery and growth.

Growing up, Ezrik found himself fighting for the attention of his father and mother, who doted on his older sister and her aspirations to be joined. Ezrik himself never saw the appeal in joining and never prepared for or pursued the ceremonial rite.

To help himself through the feelings of rejection by his family, Ezrik used humour. It wasn't long before he realized, he enjoyed making other people laugh, even at his own expense.

Towards the end of his teen years, Ezrik began to discover that he enjoyed helping people. It was then he decided to pursue pdychiatric medicine. He was accepted to the Trill Medical Institute's Psychiatry program, and studied for five and a half years. Upon his graduation he took his residency at the Symbiosis Commission , where he served for two and a half years. Under the wing of Doctor Phalo, the Commission's top psychiatrist , Ezrik was steered in the direction of a career in Starfleet.

With nothing holding him to Trill, Ezrik decided to apply to Starfleet , and travelled from his home planet to the Sol system to attend his Academy Couses. Because Ezrik held a doctorate in Psychiatry he entered the Direct Officer Candidate School , which would acquaint him with the ins and outs of Starfleet as well as several courses to help him acclimate to psuedo-military life. Ezrik learned basics in Engineering as well as Security, and Flight Control as part of this training.

His first assignment following his training was aboard the USS Washington. For a duration of two years he served as a Counselor while the ship explored the Alpha Quadrant. He found his time there uneventful, until the day his ship responded to a Distress Signal near the Tzenkethi border.

A number of injured Starfleet Officers were taken aboard, including one Trill in critical condition . The man was joined to the Kaz Symbiont, who's health was linked to the dying officer.

As the only Trill crew member aboard the Washington, Ezrik was given the option to step in by joining with the sybiont before it's host died. With trepidation , he agreed and underwent the emergency joining with Kaz.

The experience was more than Ezrik was prepared for, and he was granted leave to return to Trill , where he was sent to the Symbiosis Commission for evaluation. He quickly learned that his sister had failed as an initiate and was dropped from the Commission . He was understandably upset for her but a little smug that after all her hard work and his lonely childhood he had gotten what she wanted so badly.

Following his evaluation he returned to service with Starfleet , and tried to learn how to navigate his career with his new found condition . He was assigned to the Counselling office on the USS Dauntless. He found himself more confident and outgoing. He flourished in his role, and was soon reassigned to Olympus Station as Chief Counselor.

Station life was everything Ezrik could have hoped for; meeting new and exciting people, seeing new things. The Trill was assigned to the station for 4 years before decided to put in for a transfer to a ship. He was reassigned to the USS Pioneer as the Ship’s Counselor.
Service Record USS Washington , Counselor

Personal Leave of Absence(Trill)

USS Dauntless, Counselor

Olympus Station, Chief Counselor

USS Pioneer, Chief Counselor