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Lieutenant Commander Charles Stephens

Name Charles Ernest Stephens Jr.

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Weight 215
Hair Color Brown and grey
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Charles is a fairly muscular man with a scar across his cheek from a fight with a Klingon. He keeps in shape by working out, doing martial arts, etc. He has a rough exterior but get to know him and he is a good person.


Father Charles E. Stephens
Mother Neta Stephens

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charles is a very strong and a very tough Grunt who knows nothing else than being a grunt. He keeps in shape by working out, etc. He can be a very serious looking person but get to know him and he can be the complete opposite. He rarely lets anyone see that side of him, only those that are close to him and that he cares about.
Ambitions His ambitions are to keep working hard to prove that he is a good in Command positions. He dreams of being CO some day
Hobbies & Interests He enjoys martial arts, holo-novels, reading, listening to music. He also loves collecting different kinds of swords and weapons that he puts up on his wall for show.

Personal History Charles grew up in a wealthy home on Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. He had two loving parents that taught him wrong from right and even though you have money you have to work for what you want. Richard was a very social kid making friends all over town. At the age of 8 he suffered his first life tragedy when his parents were killed in a plane crash. Charles was raised by his grandfather from the point on.

Charles would get passed much of his grief and would spend the summer on the beaches of Lake Michigan playing volleyball, hanging with friends, and flirting with the girls that lined the beaches. In the fall his Grandpa took him out into the woods of Wisconsin to hunt, fish, and learn survival techniques. At the age of 16 Charles emancipated himself and went on a world journey to explore ancient civilizations that fascinated him. He spent 6 months with Nomadic people in Mongolia learning to live off the land. Then he spent a year in Tibet studying the teachings of Buddhism at a Monastery. In both cases while he was an outsider he earned the respect of the people he stayed with and became one with the groups. At the age of 18 he came home and tested out of his last year of school and graduated.

Many didn't know what direction Charles would go next but after exploring lost worlds on earth his attention turned to the stars. He enrolled and was accepted into Star Fleet Academy. He found his niche after his first year he was approached by Star Fleet Operations. They had seen how easily he was able to think on the run into any environment and as he took his normal classes they cultivated him during his down time in the art of damage control. Charles graduated from the Command Academy with a specialization in Operations and Damage Control systems.

Charles's first deployment was as Assistant Chief of Operations in the 4th Fleet, Task Force 72, USS Victorious. He loved his first assignment and got along great with his first captain and learned alot from him. After five years on the Vickya he was reassigned to lead a Damage Control team that worked to help varies assets throughout the 4th Fleet's AO. Charles' next assignment was as Chief of Base Operations on the Starbase Denova. That lasted for 6 years and then he was reassigned to the USS Pioneer as its Executive Officer
Service Record 2369 - Enrolled in Star Fleet Academy
2370 - Star Fleet Operations develops him during downtime
2373 - Graduates from Academy
2373 - Assigned to USS Victorious Asst. Chief Sec/Tac
2378 - Assigned to lead TF Damage Control team
2383 - Assigned to Starbase Denova Chief of Operations
2389- Assigned to USS Pioneer as Executive Officer