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Lieutenant Commander Gaelle Megaira

Name Gaelle Megaira

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ardanan
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 148lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Gaelle is statuesque with striking features. Her expression usually ranges from cool to aloof. On rare occasions, she warms to close company.


Father Sotiris Megaira
Mother Acantha Crius
Brother(s) Deimos
Sister(s) Tilphousia

Personality & Traits

General Overview On the surface, Gaelle is spoiled, entitled, and ambitious. She's like that below the surface, too, with strokes of shrewdness, charm, and manipulation. A protective streak runs through her, however, and she is dedicated to those she cares about.
Hobbies & Interests As the arts and philosophy were celebrated in her family's bygone City Dweller culture, Gaelle was well-educated, showing particular skill in sculpture and pottery. To this day, she enjoys learning the political and social philosophies of other worlds. Her further interest in the philosophy of war and the aestheticization of violence were viewed as distasteful in Ardana's post-Disruption society.

Personal History Gaelle was born on the third day of Landt (roughly 14 November) in 2353. Her parents—Acantha Crius, a politician on the planetary high council, and Sotiris Megaira, a philosophy lecturer at the university in First City—were both from families of the erstwhile Stratos City Dweller class. Two children, a sister and a brother, preceded Gaelle, who was followed by two more sisters.

Despite being a bright, curious girl, life as the middle child caused Gaelle to act out to gain attention. At a young age, she learned how to manipulate her siblings, both older and younger, to her own ends. These sibling relationships as well as her friendships were primarily based on rivalry, both academic and athletic. By the time Gaelle pursued her higher education through Starfleet Academy, her interests were focused on political philosophy and security studies, something that snagged her attention in the aftermath of the Borg incidents of 2367.

Leading into her third year at the Academy, Gaelle was assigned to a field studies program in advanced sec/tac that took her to the USS Gaspée. The ship operated on the Cardassian front until the advance of the Dominion toward beta quadrant territories forced a reshuffling of fleets. Gaelle worked under the mentorship of the Gaspée’s chief sec/tac officer, LT Jo Medeiros, thriving in the intensity of the wartime environment. Due to personnel shortages, she stayed on with the ship until her final semester. When she returned to the Academy in 2375, however, she was quickly struck by the tedium of being Earthside. Graduation finally arrived, and she was assigned to the USS Hutchinson, a steamrunner serving in the vicinity of Sector 001 through the end of the war.

After three years on the Hutchinson, Gaelle transferred to the USS Narragansett as the assistant chief of security. The Narragansett was an exploratory vessel that charted the outer fringes beyond Deep Space 5. Her six years aboard the Narragansett were, to Gaelle’s frustration, uneventful. As the ship found wonders on the edge of explored space, Gaelle looked longingly at news of the reemergence of the Borg and the social unrest on Ardana.

Over those years, Gaelle formed a close romantic relationship with the Narragansett’s science officer, Mera Cahir. Although there was talk of marriage, the couple didn’t survive Gaelle’s transfer to the USS Holyoke. She loved Cahir, probably, but she claimed a long distance arrangement didn’t suit her. The Holyoke patrolled the Tarod sector, serving colonies and outposts near the Romulan Neutral Zone. The ship’s focus on security stirred Gaelle’s passion for her work, and she once again felt fulfilled in her vocation.

When Hobus went supernova, the Holyoke played a role in rescuing refugees and evacuating affected Romulan settlements.
Service Record 2371-2375: Starfleet Academy, distinctions in political science and security studies
2375-2376: Security officer, ENS, USS Hutchinson
2376-2378: Security officer, LTJG, USS Hutchinson
2378-2384: Assistant chief of security, LT, USS Narragansett
2384-2389: Chief sec/tac officer, USS Holyoke
2389-present: USS Pioneer