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Lieutenant Alexi Petrov

Name Alexi Petrov PhD

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human (Martian)

Physical Appearance

Height 6’6”
Weight 90kg
Physical Description Being Martian makes for tall and gawky, and there is a reason there are no great Martian full body contact sports. At least not the sort that you talk about.


Father Yuri Petrov
Mother Olga Petrov
Brother(s) Sacha Petrov
Maksim Petrov
Sister(s) Uvana Petrov
Other Family A spattering of aunts and uncles.

Personality & Traits

General Overview The only reason Alexi is a scientist is because it beat becoming a baker. This does not make him a subpar researcher, in fact, his mind is quite keen and insightful. It does mean that his upbringing was not tailored to the role of doting researcher, and instead revolved around various attempts and schemes to avoid inheriting his father's bakery.

So a real-life success story.
Ambitions To have a subatomic particle or none periodic element named after him: Petrovium.
Is double plus better than dilithium, you can guarantee.
Hobbies & Interests He likes reading and games of chance. He is also a Champion level chess player.
To that end when playing in any game of chess where a prize is involved, he has agreed to abide by certain handicaps to make it a fair challenge.

1-He will play with literally one hand tied behind his back, opponents choice.
2-He will play without either of his rooks and missing one of each of his knights and bishops.
3-He is to be turned around and looking the other way when his opponent makes a move.
That should make it a fair game.

Personal History Alexi was born into the proud baking family of the Petrov's. Clearly, this had been some sort of clerical error, as the young Alexi had neither the inclination nor the talent to bake. Dough deflated in his presence, bread burned under his watch, and muffins became 'cake biscuits' as a way to save them from being thrown into the trash reclamator.

But math he could do. Math he could do very well. By his early formative years, he had been marked out in his schooling as something of a progeny. By his teen's he was already contemplating a life beyond the dome of New Kiev on Mars. And by his late teen's he had applied to Starfleet.

This is not to say he wanted to join Starfleet. Only that a pair of ham-fisted thugs from the Martian Bratva had wanted very much to break his knee caps after it was discovered Alexi Petrov was very good at counting cards. A fact not known until he'd cheated the wrong cousin of The Right People.

Starfleet turned out to be a lot like the seedy underbelly of Martian society. Little gangs, mutual understandings, and a number of floating gambling opportunities. And baked goods, though the replicated sort are fine for the peasantry.

His career as a scientist in Starfleet is highlighted with numerous commendations, and an equal numerous amount of black marks, keeping him nice and middle of the road. He might not win the Daystrom Prize one day, but he could probably win an invite to the after party by betting on the likelihood of a coin toss.

Especially a weighted coin toss.