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Lieutenant Bryta Mylo

Name Bryta Mylo

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 1.93 m
Weight 95 kg
Hair Color Dark Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Well built and muscular Bryta's body shows the signs of years of years of abuse both under the Occupation and years of service in security.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Bryta Yuri - Deceased, Killed during the Occupation
Mother Bryta Wynn - Deceased, Killed during the Occupation
Brother(s) Bryta Saul - Deceased, Killed during the Occupation
Sister(s) Bryta Maya - Bajoran Trade Representative to Talos II

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mylo is often quiet and reserved and takes a long time to open up to people, he is fiercely loyal and has a strong moral compass and sense of duty.
Ambitions See his homeworld become prosperous again and one day command a starship.
Hobbies & Interests Escapist literature, archery, sports, and is known to dabble in various other activities from time to time.

Personal History Born in 2354 in Hedrikspool Province the second child of two farmers during the Occupation much of Mylo’s early memories are marred by the occupation of his home world by the Cardassian. His parent’s small farm was deep in the country, far from cities and mostly out of the way of the military.

However, shortly after his sister’s birth a Cardassian scouting patrol came across the family farm. His mother, a beautiful woman, caught the eye of patrol’s leader. When his father tried to protect the family he was shot, his mother was also murdered once the patrol had their way with her.

The patrol continued on their way, leaving the three young children alone with their murdered parents. Yuri, Mylo’s older brother managed to get the two younger children safely to a nearby village, a small orphanage took in Mylo and his sister Maya, but Yuri, in his mid teens was too old, resources too scares to care for the older children meant he had to make it on his own. Tearfully Yuri left Mylo and Maya in the care of orphanage and headed to a nearby city in hopes of finding work. Mylo would never see his brother again, years later Yuri’s name would be listed among the many that died during the Occupation.

Mylo and Maya remained at the orphanage until 2369, when the occupation ended, Mylo now 15 and his sister, were relocated to a large orphanage in the city as the Provisional Government centralized and began the mammoth task of addressing the huge number of orphaned children. Maya was quickly adopted, still young families that could would adopt, but Mylo, older, and already marred by the horrors he’d seen was less desirable. He remained at the orphanage another year and a half before leaving on his own. He tried to find work but the planet offered little options, Starfleet assistance was a slow progress

After months without much avail he enlisted in the ranks of the Militia, completing basic training he served mainly in the with the forces deployed in the sparsely populated country sides. Tracking down remaining resistance cells and finding survivors of the occupation.

In 2372 he served briefly in the security contingent aboard DS9, but returned to the planet at the out break of the war. Assigned to security forces in the Capital. In mid 2374, with the Dominion war raging he signed up to be serve with Starfleet, made a Provisional Lieutenant JG he served in the security department aboard the USS Alexandria (NCC-71809), a galaxy-class serving on the front lines.

When the war ended he returned to Bajor, but his service with Starfleet had changed him, he had realized just how big the galaxy was, and that there was so much more to see than just Bajor. He was assigned as an Operation Officer with a militia Battalion and elevated to the rank of Major. In the post war era as the fate of Bajor joining the Federation seemed seal and Bajor a much different place he began examining his future. He applied to Starfleet academy, but given his lack of formal education wasn’t able to pass the entrance exam, wanting to serve in Starfleet as a full fledge officer, he worked hard and completed his education through a distance program offered from Trill. In 2378 he was accepted, packed his bags and headed to Earth.

Bryta arrived on Earth and was overwhelmed, Earth, and San Fransciso were very different from his home. The huge urban area, with millions of people living in it, was a big change for the farm boy. When he began training at Starfleet he was swept up in a massive cultural shock coupled with a massive work load. He struggled but managed to stay a float and completed his first year with decent grades.

He was accepted in the security stream as he had hoped, he didn’t have the interest or knowledge to pursue science or medicine, and lacked the technical proficiency to pursue engineering. Over the next three years he struggled to open up to people, many of his classmates were interested in his past and his thoughts on Bajors integration into Federation. Mylo didn’t like talking about his past and it lead to socialization problems.

When he graduating the academy, he was posted to the defiant-class USS Orion. Despite being almost a decade older then most of his fellow graduates he excelled in his new position. His experience helping compensate for his age, he earned a reputation as reliable and skilled in his role as a Tactical Officer.

In early 2384 he was promoted to Lieutenant JG and made the assistance Chief aboard the Orion. He continued to excel and was promoted to full Lieutenant in 2387 and transferred to the Embassy on Primrosa VII, a moderately sized planet that the Federation was courting as a prospective member.

His two years here were relatively uneventful, and he soon grew restless, he requested transfer and was posted to the newly commissioned USS Valhalla as their Security Chief in mid 2389. His time on the Valhalla was enjoyable, despite tension with the Cardassian XO.

Unfortunately his time here was brief, under a year, before he was reassigned, being posted to the USS Pioneer.
Service Record 2371 - 2371
Militia Training - Bajor

2371 - 2372
Junior Lieutenant - Soilder
5th Field Force - Bajoran Militia

2372 - 2373
Junior Lieutenant - Security Crew
Bajoran Security Force, Deep Space 9

2373 - 2374
Senior Lieutenant, Patrol Leader
Capital Security Force - Bajoran Militia

2374 - 2375
Lieutenant Junior Grade (Provisional) - Security Troop
USS Alexandria NCC-71809 (Ninth Fleet)

2375 - 2378
Major - Operations Officer
22nd Battalion - Bajoran Militia

2378 - 2382
Cadet - Security and Tactical Studies
Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth

2382 - 2384
Ensign - Tactical Officer
USS Orion NCC-76219 (Third Fleet)

2384 - 2387
Lieutenant Junior Grade - Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Orion NCC-76219 (Third Fleet)

2387 - 2389
Lieutenant - Security Detail Leader
Federation Embassy - Primrosa VII

2389 - 2389
Lieutenant - Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Valhalla NCC-75689 (Fourth "Bravo" Fleet)

2389 - Pres
Lieutenant - Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Pioneer NCC-93523 (Fourth "Bravo" Fleet)