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Posted on 26 Mar 2019 @ 04:58 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env.

It's been rumored, by a reliable source, that the newest release of Nova will be coming in the next week or two. Some new mods are also going to be made available for the system including one that will pull biography and service record from the BFMS to our website. As the service record function and biography look from the BFMS overwrite looks better, in my opinion, I would like to use this method going forward once we upgrade to the new version.

I would like to ask over the next couple of weeks if everyone could please be sure to have their biography up to date and posted to the BFMS I will attach you to our crew on BFMS and we can have a uniform look to the site when I upgrade it. Any questions or concerns please let me know.

Stephen (CDR Reeves)


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Category: Out of Character