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Without the great pioneers of the universe who went out to seek new places, new things, and great knowledge, where would we be now? Would space travel, faster-than-light propulsion, transporters, or holodecks exist? The USS Pioneer is the second Pathfinder Class vessel commissioned by Starfleet and follows in the traditions of the great pioneers.

The Pioneer is assigned to the Fourth Fleet's Task Force 72 operating at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant and frontier space. Tasked with exploration, scientific research, and hazardous material response within the area of operations the new vessel will fully explore the potential of its designed mission platforms.

In order to complete the wide variety of missions tasked to the Pioneer, its diverse crew is experienced in many fields such as Environmental Sciences, Hazardous Materials, Engineering, and more. All members of the crew go through specialized training to be Hazardous Material Technicians as well as familiarization of various emergency response techniques.

About Us

The USS Pioneer is a collaborative writing group and proud member of Bravo Fleet. The Pioneer crew should expect to be part of an active out of character community, desire to be part of our sim and mission development and to have fun. Please check out our rules, database, and ship information and join us on Discord if you have any questions!

All members of this sim must eighteen years of age or older.

Latest News Items

» Executive Officer Needed

Posted on 19 Mar 2019 @ 05:52 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. in Sim Announcement

It is with regret that I announce our Executive Officer has resigned due to real life issues. At this time the XO will remain an NPC and used in character until the conclusion of this mission or a new one is appointed. Applications for the position of Executive Officer and Command Master Chief require a Discord interview with the CO prior to being accepted.

Anyone who is aware of anyone who may do well in a command role or interested into elevating into the command role themselves aboard the Pioneer please let them know of the position or I know of your interest as appropriate.

Keep up the great work!

Stephen (CDR Reeves CO)

» Mission 1 Launched

Posted on 26 Feb 2019 @ 08:24 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. in Sim Announcement

Our first mission has been launched! We are currently continuing to develop the mission, however, we are going to start our posts to get the ship underway. Please be sure to select the correct mission when posting until the prologue closes. I would like to, if possible, complete all prologue mission posts by the close of business Thursday. Anyone who has any posts to complete or write prior to the launch of the ship on its mission please get a move on. Please remember the XO and I have asked that everyone complete a JP with both of us in the prologue.

Any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to tag @command in Discord.

I hope you all enjoy the first mission of the USS Pioneer!

(CDR Reeves)

» Project Khitomer

Posted on 21 Feb 2019 @ 09:27 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. in Fleet News

A message from our Task Force Commander:

Hello one and all!

Project Khitomer is this weekend, Saturday, February 23rd starting at 3pm GMT (10am EST) and lasting until midnight GMT. This is a brand-new online simming convention hosted by Bravo, Obsidian and Pegasus Fleets.

Our full schedule (and it is a PACKED schedule) can be found at http://project-khitomer.com. The event will be held on Discord, and that link is here at https://discord.gg/m4XF6Pp

-VADM O'Connell, TF72 CO

» Website Issue Update

Posted on 25 Jan 2019 @ 05:18 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. in Out of Character

Currently, it seems that the issue only effects the use of HTML code within biography fields. Please refrain from using HTML code other than < em > or < strong > they seem to work while < b > < i > and < u > do not. Otherwise feel free to resume normal operations. I will continue to investigate this issue tomorrow.

» Website Issue

Posted on 25 Jan 2019 @ 02:45 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. in Out of Character

I am aware of an issue saving some items on the Nova and I have created a support ticket with my hosting provider. As I have more information to provide I will let you know. I would suggest copy and pasting anything you want to post on the website in a word document or similar app before attempting to save or post on the website.

More information when available.


Latest Mission Posts

» Our First Mission

Mission: Scylla and Charybdis
Posted on 19 Mar 2019 @ 05:25 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. & Lieutenant Ceciri Ariadust & Lieutenant Bryta Mylo & Lieutenant Glori Hawthorn & Lieutenant S'tarkks Stravos & Lieutenant Commander Charles Stephens Jr.

Ceciri sleepily brushed back some of her hair. She didn't have a shift for another 3 hours and had been up all day yesterday working on the shield system repair, and was a bit worried as to what this alert was. She walked into the conference room and took a…

» Strange Encounter of the Medical Kind

Mission: Prologue
Posted on 19 Mar 2019 @ 05:23 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. & Lieutenant Commander Charles Stephens Jr.

Having just met the Chief Medical Officer to say that Ian was a little stunned was putting it mildly. After taking a minute to regroup he stood from his desk and then walked over to the XO's Office. He rang the chime and waited a sort of dumbfounded look on…

» Dr. Acula

Mission: Prologue
Posted on 07 Mar 2019 @ 03:42 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. & Lieutenant Glori Hawthorn

That luscious hunk of man who called himself the XO had programmed the computer to remind Glori to check in with the CO every 5 minutes. After 5 or 6 times, she finally gave up and asked the computer where to find him. If she hurried to the Ready Room,…

» Orders

Mission: Scylla and Charybdis
Posted on 26 Feb 2019 @ 08:21 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. & Commodore Gareth Tau

It was pitch black in the bedroom when the commbadge on his nightstand sounded. Being in Stardock it was constantly lit around the ship and so the windows were kept blocked in the bedroom and the lights were out. He untangled himself from his wife carefully as the badge chimed…

» Ex Finibus Scientia

Mission: Prologue
Posted on 23 Feb 2019 @ 09:28 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. & Admiral Zachary O'Connell

Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. began his career in Starfleet as a scientist. The missions he became part of on multiple deep space assignments opened him up to dealing with situations he never imagined. To experience and education he would have never learned in a laboratory or in academia. He eventually…