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Without the great pioneers of the universe who went out to seek new places, new things, and great knowledge, where would we be now? Would space travel, faster-than-light propulsion, transporters, or holodecks exist? The USS Pioneer is the second Pathfinder Class vessel commissioned by Starfleet and follows in the traditions of the great pioneers.

The Pioneer operating at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant and frontier space is tasked with exploration, scientific research, and hazardous material response within the area of operations the new vessel will fully explore the potential of its designed mission platforms.

In order to complete the wide variety of missions tasked to the Pioneer, its diverse crew is experienced in many fields such as Environmental Sciences, Hazardous Materials, Engineering, and more. All members of the crew go through specialized training to be Hazardous Material Technicians as well as familiarization of various emergency response techniques.

About Us

The USS Pioneer is a collaborative writing group and proud member of the 22nd Fleet. The Pioneer crew should expect to be part of an active out of character community, desire to be part of our sim and mission development and to have fun. Please check out our rules, database, and ship information and join us on Discord if you have any questions!

All members of this sim must eighteen years of age or older.

Latest News Items

» Star Trek: Peregrine

Posted on 17 Aug 2019 @ 06:14 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. in Sim Announcement

As the search for a new Commanding Officer has not gone successfully in order to keep the ship and crew together and relieve me of the GM duties it has been decided to join with Star Trek: Peregrine. This sim is run by our very own LT Glori Hawthorne (WizardBeard) and is a fantastic idea where various different ships take part in the missions. There is a USS Pioneer manifest on the site where you can sign up for your current position. It will come with some story change and how exactly this transition is to happen is still being discussed.

I am going to turn the direction of what is happening over to WizardBeard at this time. Please check out the website and Discord of the new home of the Pioneer:


» Change of Fleet Membership

Posted on 01 May 2019 @ 11:37 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. in Sim Announcement

Crew of the USS Pioneer,

For those of you who have not been following along with the recent events in the fleet a few major items have come up that have made me arrive at the conclusion to depart the fleet. The Bravo Fleet Admiralty has taken steps to limit the abilities of the individual Game Master and to squash creativity and visions that do not agree with those in power. With the resignation of our Task Force Commanding Officer, Greenfelt, no longer wishing to participate in the politics and failing vision of the BFA after his long and dedicated service to the fleet ignored his request for replacement and to allow the Task Force that has been built by a dedicated Task Force Senior Staff to continue. They continue to step on his accomplishments, the accomplishments of the TFXO and other members of the Senior Staff, and are attempting to take over the canon created by TF72 in order to benefit themselves and other groups while taking into no account the continuity and future of our task force.

Effective immediately the Pioneer will be leaving Bravo Fleet for a better organization which has been written to be lead by the Game Master who will elect, annually, our higher leadership. Anyone wishing to remain with Bravo Fleet is free to do so and there will be no hard feelings. Please let me know if you do not want to continue with us as soon as possible.

The website will be down temporarily for maintenance. For more information please check out our new Fleet website: and join their Discord server (on the website). Any questions or concerns please feel free to direct them to me via Discord directly.




CDR Ian Reeves
Commanding Officer

» New Timeline Info & Biography Imports

Posted on 03 Apr 2019 @ 11:27 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. in Website Update

Nova has been updated to the latest version with some new features added to the system.

You can now import your characters biography and service record from your Bravo Fleet Management System profile. The look of the import handles the service record especially nicer than Nova does on its own and is pretty handy. I'd like to ask that all crew, please, use this feature and get your info on the BFMS updated as soon as possible. In order to hook up this you just copy the link of your published character profile URL into the field in the bio on Nova and it will overwrite the bio and service record fields that are native to Nova. You will have to delete the URL in order to access the native fields so make sure you get content out of it and place it on BFMS before saving the link in the system. (When I tested it the system saves the Nova content it is just not visible with the URL present.)

Additionally, our mission page has gotten an update where posts will list chronologically by timeline and can be viewed like an ebook on the website. Please be sure that ALL posts are dated and timed correctly. Mission notes will have information on what date correlates to the mission day. The post screen has an area to write the mission day number and below a menu to select the time. Note that the menu only has on the hour and on the half hour as options but you may write in anything you want. Please be sure to just write the numbers like 0000 and not 00:00 with the colon or it will affect the system. I have already updated the existing posts in this mission to use the new system and show on the website correctly.

Any questions, comments, or concerns please let me know.


Stephen (CDR Reeves, CO)

» New Discord Server

Posted on 31 Mar 2019 @ 10:14 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. in Sim Announcement

A new Discord server has been launched combining our server with that of Law Enforcement Team 72 (our CO's other sim). All members are asked to join the new server as soon as possible. The menu has been updated on the website and the link is:

» BFMS Profiles

Posted on 26 Mar 2019 @ 04:58 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. in Out of Character

It's been rumored, by a reliable source, that the newest release of Nova will be coming in the next week or two. Some new mods are also going to be made available for the system including one that will pull biography and service record from the BFMS to our website. As the service record function and biography look from the BFMS overwrite looks better, in my opinion, I would like to use this method going forward once we upgrade to the new version.

I would like to ask over the next couple of weeks if everyone could please be sure to have their biography up to date and posted to the BFMS I will attach you to our crew on BFMS and we can have a uniform look to the site when I upgrade it. Any questions or concerns please let me know.

Stephen (CDR Reeves)

Latest Mission Posts

» Wait Up

Mission: Scylla and Charybdis
Posted on 07 Jul 2019 @ 09:35 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. & Lieutenant Commander Gaelle Megaira

Gaelle didn't race to catch up to Ian—her stride was long enough to carry her to him before he reached his ready room. "Commander," she stated as she matched his pace, "we do need to outline a strategy for what comes next. If we find nothing, if we find an…

» Mandatory Shrinkage

Mission: Scylla and Charybdis
Posted on 06 Jun 2019 @ 07:33 by Ensign Kendra Kyle & Lieutenant Ezrik Kaz PsyD

"You think that I'd have more important things to do with everything going on but as it turns out I don't," Kendra said, as she took the seat the counselor offered. As part of her poor behavior in flight school to be given the opportunity to go back she was…

» Status Update

Mission: Scylla and Charybdis
Posted on 30 May 2019 @ 09:54 by Commander Ian Reeves D.Env. & Ensign Kendra Kyle & Lieutenant Commander Gaelle Megaira & Lieutenant Ceciri Ariadust & Lieutenant Finley Chu & Lieutenant Glori Hawthorn & Lieutenant Alexi Petrov PhD & Lieutenant Ezrik Kaz PsyD & Command Master Chief Gelid Anor & Lieutenant Junior Grade Nandi Reeves

Ian stood before the assembled officers and senior staff looking around to all of them as they sat and he stood at the head of the table. The last couple of days had been very trying for most of the crew as well as himself. He couldn't help but pick…

» Just a little off...

Mission: Scylla and Charybdis
Posted on 29 May 2019 @ 03:46 by Ensign Kendra Kyle & Lieutenant Finley Chu

"It's always so quiet in here," Kendra said, as she entered the Ward Room. It was clear that most of the officers on the ship seemed to prefer to eat in the mess or in their own quarters as nobody ever seemed to be in here when she came in.…

» From Chernobyl With Love (Or How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Bomb)

Mission: Scylla and Charybdis
Posted on 16 May 2019 @ 12:18 by Lieutenant Commander Gaelle Megaira & Lieutenant Alexi Petrov PhD

Alexi leaned back, carrying the large top panel of the torpedo in the thrall of an antigrav handheld. If he was honest it was like playing an adventure holo, with some sort of McGuffin device that should have been called a 'gravity gun' or some such. He walked the casing…